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TRI Industrial Brakes

Heavy-duty Industrial Brake

TRI manufactures heavy-duty brakes for fluid drives and other industrial equipment. TRI brakes are designed for easy maintenance and a reliable hydraulic system. The feature that sets the TRI brakes apart from our competitors is the hydraulic pump which retains clamp pressure even if small leaks occur in the brake lines.

Our heavy duty hydraulic brakes are custom made for your equipment. Contact a TRI engineer for more information about brakes and other manufactured products.


Geared Fluid Drives

Fluid drives can be built with an integrated gear set. The gears are used to increase or decrease the input speed.  The hydraulic coupling varies the output speed. This design allows for a small foot print, high efficiency and unsurpassed reliability.

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Fixed Bore Bearings

Fixed Geometry Bore Bearings

Bearings that TRI work on can be classified into two main groups; Fixed bore bearings, or fixed geometry bearings and Tilt Pad Bearings. TRI can manufacture or repair all types of fixed bore bearings.

Over the years, we have worked with Pressure Dam Bearings, Elliptical Bore Bearings, Circular Bore Bearings and Multi-Arc Bearings. These bearings can also come with a wide variety of alignment and lubrication schemes.

Flush Cock Valve

Most Turbine-Generator Lube Oil Systems have lube oil supply piping that is fully welded. There is no opportunity for anyone to turn a valve that can shut the lube oil flow off. 

For duplex heat exchangers and duplex filters, a selector valve, sometimes called a double circuit valve, can be turned from one flow path to the alternate flow path. These valves are designed so flow is not blocked during the transition. 

Flush Cock Valves are different.  These valves can block or divert lube oil flow, but it cannot be operated when the lube oil system is in service or pressurized because it will leak severely when it is opened.  

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