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TRI Align-A-Pad® Bearings

The TRI Align-A-Pad® tilting pad journal bearings are state of the art. The heavy duty operating performance characteristics result from advanced design detail and careful selection of materials. The Align-A-Pad tilt pad bearings are designed for ease of installation, alignment, and maintenance by customers' in-house personnel.

 The design details which make the Align-A-Pad journal bearings so successful are the direct result of many years of analytical, diagnostic and in-place optimization efforts by Turbo Research in its consulting work with turbomachinery users around the world.

 TRI supplies all types of journal bearings, including elliptical journal bearings, pressure dam journal bearings, circular bore journal bearings, and film-damper journal bearings with pressure fed lubrication. Either standard or undersize bore are available. For fans and similar equipment, TRI supplies journal bearings with either oil ring and/or pressure fed lubrication. Our objective is to supply the journal bearings that are proper for the customers’ requirements. Journal bearings with lift oil pockets and lift oil pumping systems are also designed and provided.

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Align-A-Pad Bearing Catalog


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