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Synchronous Condenser Packages

 TRI Transmission & Bearing Corp. can convert generators to synchronous condensers that are used for voltage support, VAR control, and frequency stabilization for the transmission and distribution systems. The design is based on TRI patents 5,610,500 and 5,886,500.

The synchronous condenser shown here was converted from a 115 MVA GE Turbine-Generator. TRO designed, manufactured and supplied the components including the extension shaft, journal band thrust bearing package, a step-up gear and disconnect coupling, plus a new oil system.

The drive motor and fluid drive cam from a dismantled plant. The unit is easy to start and synchronize. Tis is very reliable, typically running over 400 days without maintenance.

Contact a TRI engineer for more information about Synchronous condensers and other repurposed machinery.

More Information:

Patent 5,610,500: Method of converting turbine driven generator into a synchronous condenser

Patent 5,886,505: Apparatus and method for bringing on line a large synchronous condenser that cannot be started by an across the line start