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Lube Oil Systems

Fluid drives and bearings require dependable oil systems. The lube oil systems are critical components that can shut down plants for weeks or even months if they fail. The cost of unscheduled maintenance outages greatly exceeds the cost of lube oil systems.

TRI has been in the business of providing equipment for bearings and fluid drives for over 40 years. We understand that what is required for reliable systems with redundant backups. Consequently, TRI has provided many customers over the years with new or improved oil systems.

Here is a list of the lube oil system that we have built in the past:

  1. Lift oil system for a large generator. These system provided over 3000 psi to ensure no contact between the heavy rotor and the bearing surfaces during startup and shutdown. A hydrodynamic bearing depends on the rotation of the shaft to develop an oil film. Until this film is developed, the journal can rub and wipe in the bearing bore. This often happens during start up, shut down, or on turning gear.  TRI makes a high pressure lift oil system with modified bearings to reduce the wear at low speed. Lift oil system also have the added benefit of reducing the power required to turn the shaft slowly turning generator/turbine
  2. An emergency lube oil system for a chemical facility. This system used UPS and VFD technology so that readily available AC motors could be used during power outages.
  3. Fluid drive oil system that provides both lubrication to the bearings and circuit oil for the hydrokinetic coupling.

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