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Hydrodynamic Journal Bearings

 What type of bearings does TRI work on?

Bearings are used to reduce the friction in moving components. There are linear bearings, journal bearing and thrust bearings. A journal is the part of the shaft that turns inside the bearing. A journal bearing supports a shaft so that it may rotate freely. A thrust bearing is used to resist the axial movement of the shaft.

There are four basic types of bearings: rolling element bearings, dry bearings (example: plastic), semi-lubricated (example: oil impregnated brass), and fluid film bearings. Fluid film bearings can be classified into two sub-categories: hydrostatic and hydrodynamic. A hydrodynamic bearing uses the spinning shaft to create a fluid film upon which the shaft rides. A hydrostatic bearings also rides on a filem of oil, but they depend on an external source (example: pump) to create the pressure.

TRI specializes in designing, manufacturing and refurbishing hydrodynamic journal bearings and hydrodynamic thrust bearings.

Our experience in design and manufacturing puts us in a unique position to help you with your troublesome journal bearings. Our state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing tools assure that your bearings will be done right the first time.

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