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Fluid Drives use both radial Journal Bearings and axial Thrust Bearings.  

Almost all of the Journal Bearings and Thrust Bearings in the Gyrol style Fluid Drives (Hydraulic Couplings) are slider type bearings using Babbitted surfaces and lube oil to develop oil films that separate the rotating and stationary surfaces, thereby permitting long term operation without significant wear.

Many of the journal bearings are designed for a specific rotational direction: CW or CCW.  However, the bearing pedestals are manufactured so that the Input-Outboard and Input-Inboard journal bearings for CW rotation can be used in the opposite positions for CCW rotation. Same for the Output-Inboard and Output-Outboard Journal Bearings.

All Journal Bearings designed and manufactured by TRI are made with a steel-backing and Babbitt lining. This replaces the brass-backing and Babbitt lining.  TRI's steel-backed bearings have improved manufacturing tolerances, and do not experience the tin-copper embrittlement and debonding that brass/bronze backed bearings experience.   

TRI Journal Bearings can be manufactured with a reduced bore diameter so as to operate successfully with journals that have been machined under-size to expose a new steel journal, avoiding the use of chrome-plating that can exfoliate (come off) in service.

For tilting pad thrust bearings, the pivots are centered on the pads, so each thrust bearing can be used for both rotational directions.

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