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Fixed Geometry Bore Bearings

Bearings that TRI work on can be classified into two main groups; Fixed bore bearings, or fixed geometry bearings and Tilt Pad Bearings. TRI can manufacture or repair all types of fixed bore bearings.

Over the years, we have worked with Pressure Dam Bearings, Elliptical Bore Bearings, Circular Bore Bearings and Multi-Arc Bearings. These bearings can also come with a wide variety of alignment and lubrication schemes.

Many customers come to TRI with bearing that has failed. We help them to determine what the proper course of action is. If time is limited, we can re-Babbitt and re-bore the bearing on a 24/7 schedule. If there are design flaws, TRI will recommend a fix. With the customers approval, we can then implement the design change. For reoccurring problems or critical applications, TRI can analyze the rotor and bearing system with our proprietary software. Over the years, our analysis has solved many vibration problems.

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