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Technical Notes from Dr. Mel Giberson, P.E. - TRI President 

August 18, 1998

 $7,000 Per Megawatt-Hour ($7.00 per kwh) !!

June 25,26, 1998

 Before deregulation, bulk electricity genearlly cost $12 -$55 per MWH (1.2¢ to 5.5¢ per kwh). The most inefficient gas turbine or diesel cost $100/MWH (10¢ per kwh). Those prices were considered "too high". "Become competitive" was the call! Deregulation pressures brought severe cuts; eliminating spare parts, people, plants, marginal equipment. Very little new capacity was added.

The intent of deregulation was to reduce the price of electrical power to the customer. June 1998 was a wake-up call. Electric power can be vary valuable on the "free market". In June the price peaked at over 100 times the regulated price, even though actual generation costs now are slight reduced. Electricity via utilities has been considered a necessity for all. Will it remain that way?

With these high prices to buy or sell power now a reality from time to time, it is important that Generating Stations first must be available and reliable, and second, generation costs should be as low as reasonably possible.

TRI can help Utilities meet these Objectives to increase availability, reliability,
and cost effectiveness, and to minimize construction of new generation facilities.
 Utility Objective
   TRI Products and Services
 Tilt pad & Ellip
Turb & Gen
Variable Speed
Fluid Drives
(Many Models) 
 - Reduce fuel consumed by 1% to 3% on average   × ×
 - Reduce CO2 and related greenhouse gases, to help meet objectives of Kyoto treaty    ×  ×
 - Operate on Sliding Pressure  ×  ×  ×

- Reduce Min./Increase Max. Generation Load × × ×
- Maintain minimum seal clearance in turbines  ×    
 - Minimize vibration over entire load range. ×    
- Operate longer between outages × × ×
- Control System Voltage and Power Factor × × ×
- Increase Max. Transmission & Distribution Load     ×

Contact TRI for more information about TRI's Products and Services, to schedule a visit or seminar in your plant

Upgraded Bearings: TRI Align-A-Pad Bearings® or Elliptical Bearings to 24" bore, that eliminate generation load restrictions.

Quality Spare Parts for Fluid Drives and Turbine or Generator Bearings

Variable Speed Fluid Drives (all new equipment) for Large Pumps, Fans, Compressors: to 40,000 hp or to 15,000 rpm.

Your Equipment Rebuilt Carefully and Completely

Synchronous Condensers, 30-1000 MVA, turnkey, includes starting equipment, for existing generators or new locations

Outage Maintenance Services

Please visit us at these Exhibitions this Fall:

ASME Int'l Joint Power Gen Conference & Exposition, Baltimore, MD Aug 24,25, 1998, Booth 310

27th Turbomachinery Symposium, Texas A&M, Brown Conv Ctr, Houston, TX Sept 22,23,24, Booth 360

Power  Generation International Conference, Orlando, FL December 9,10,11,1998, Booth 1425

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