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TRI's Engineering Staff is very talented, covers a range of skills. We have years of experience solving a wide variety of Rotating Machinery Problems. Our Consulting Engineering Services are attached. Please contact TRI in order to arrange for anyone of us to support your projects.

Melbourne F. Giberson, Ph.D.,P.E. 

TRI President and Senior Technical Consulting Engineer

 Specialties, Qualifications, and Experience:

  • Designs and manufactures oil film Babbitted Bearings of all types to control rotor vibrations.
  • Analyzes Bearing Damage and Failure Events, providing "root cause analyses" and solutions.
  • Performs detailed computer based rotor-dynamic analyses of all types of rotating machinery.
  • Designs and Manufactures Variable Speed Fluid Drives, including geared fluid drives, for high-powered pump, compressor and fan applications.
  • Analyzes power plant structural vibration issues, and provides designs/redesigns and solutions.


  • Ph.D. - Applied Mechanics (Engrg Math), California Inst of Tech (Caltech), Pasadena, CA
    Thesis: Response of Nonlinear Multi-story Structures Subjected to Earthquake Excitation.
    Minor: Business Economics.
  • M.S. - Applied Mechanics (Engrg Math), California Inst of Tech (Caltech), Pasadena, CA
  • B.S. - Mechanical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA

PE License: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Patents: Over 20 US Patents

Anton Chmela 

Senior Technical Consulting Engineer (Joined TRI 2004 )

Specialties, Qualifications, and Experience:

  • Mechanical-Hydraulic Controls and Valves for Steam Turbines of All Sizes. EHC Conversions. GE, Westinghouse, and Allis-Chalmers Turbines. Includes Directing Disassembly, Inspecting, Developing Repair Procedures, Installing Control Components, Setting Positions.
  • Installation and Service Engineer, General Electric Co - Large Steam Turbine-Generator Divn.


  • B.S. – Mechanical Engineering, New York University; New York City, NY
  • Professional Course - The Academy of Steam Turbine-Generator Constructors

Mark Simonelli 

General Manager and Senior Engineer (Joined TRI 1995)

 Specialties, Qualifications, and Experience:

  • Designs machinery components such as pump impellers and fluid drive impellers that involve 3-D features, including the mathematical modeling for investment casting.
  • Creates complex computational programs for manufacturing components using dynamic 5-axis milling machines.
  • Designs and manufactures components for TRI bearings and variable speed fluid drives.
  • Provides Technical Direction for Installation of TRI Fluid Drives in power plants.


B.S. - Electrical Engineering, Union College; Schenectady, NY